Clerc made sure Catalan doubted his injury and the club turned his back on him


Clerc made sure Catalan doubted his injury and the club turned his back on him

Former player of Raise Carlos Clerc the president has already been denounced Quico Catalan He was so skeptical of the knee injury he sustained late last year, that the club turned his back on him and even prevented him, at first, from consulting a second medical opinion outside the entity.

In a public and live conversation on Twitter with some followers Above, Clerc gave on Tuesday night his version of his controversial final episode on I lifteda club where his contract ended on June 30 and where he played his last game in February due to a left knee injury.

“I felt like I came (to training) and they looked at me like: ‘Look at this one, it doesn’t hurt, the movie has been shown’. And I told the president that it bothered me, it affected me and the surprise I get is that the president thought the same thing, “he said. Clerc.

“The president told me: ‘The medical services told me you had a problem but you can practice and play.’ hesitant. I don’t want to enter the conversation … doubting “, remarked the former player of the I lifted.

The footballer, who revealed that this conversation with the president of I lifted occurred after a visit to a specialist Barcelona who diagnosed him with an injury that prevented him from playing, making sure he only found support from “two or three people” at the club.

“You have an injury that no one recognizes. Once you hit the blind spots, moreover there are doubts, in a club that at some time has turned away from you, it’s complicated. I’ve had a really bad time and I’ve tried to handle it in the best way ”, he admitted.

Clerc He insisted in his version that Levante’s medical services did not believe in the pain he was suffering from and he experienced a “surreal” situation in the final months of the championship.

The footballer even criticized that at first the club prevented him from traveling Barcelona to consult a specialist, although later, after his insistence, he traveled alone and without anyone from I lifted to get a second opinion about your problems.

“There was doubt (about my injury) and that is how it was sent to me. They talk to me: ‘you don’t have anything. You have a ‘painful. It’s psychological. ‘ I’m drowning in that. It bothers me that what I have is doubtful, not that they can’t find what I have. Rarely not, these are the following I have, ”the footballer explained.

Despite all the problems encountered in the last stages of his stage in I liftedclub where he will be between 2019 and 2022, Clerc He made sure his first choice was always to “continue” in Valencia and even confessed that a year ago he bought a house to continue as a Levanter.

Source: La Verdad


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