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The feeling that pushes you. Seems like ‘mobbing’. Frankie de Jong make a very clear bet by signing for FC Barcelona, when there were other powerful clubs bidding for their services. The footballer wants to stay and wants to succeed at Barcadespite the urge for him to leave that in a sibylline way is slipping into the club and forcing it to be given word by an environmental sector.

President report It was made clear in a public statement that he wanted him to stay, but on the other hand it was leaked that the player’s income this season is double than others. However, it is not explained that this is because the football player gave part of his salary for two years to accommodate the club’s lack of income during the pandemic and the current file is due to deferment of payment during periods. that, as it happened. made with other players. That is also not true DeJong be the player who earns the most squad, because his emoluments are less than those Pique, Busquets either sunrise.

DeJong no intention to go Man Utddespite the fact that he was pushed into an option at the club where Cristiano Ronaldo is rebellious and will not play Champions this season. The midfielder is more fit than another ManchesterThe city and a serious offer from Chelsea is an option. Once from Barcain the public section, no one says they don’t rely on it, but operations, logically otherwise, since everything is on the market, are moving.

Yes DeJong left, however, his place must be filled by another high -level player. The Dutchman has the market because he has great quality and his loss should be covered by a strong sign, kind Bernard Silva who is not particularly cheap footballer. The bet of the former midfielder Ajax for him Barca can also be reciprocated with more love.

Source: La Verdad


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