Boxing is back in Seville through the gates


Nearly 1,200 people supported the return of professional boxing to the capital of Seville this past Saturday, April 2. The Parque Amate Municipal Pavilion shone on the night organized by Basque promoter MGZ Promotions in special collaboration with Seville’s Family Gym.

In the background battle, Artem `Bombardier´ (7V-1D, 6 KO) Garibian defeated Czech fighter Pavel Albrech (12V-17D, 9KO) by KO in the first round in the fight scheduled for six rounds and within the middleweight category.

Arsen came out faster than his rival, greedy and sent strong combinations from the start. His rival felt the hands from the start and, shortly after, in making injured gestures, he seemed reduced.

After the first and second accounts, the outcome came with the start of a series in the blue corner where the match ended without Albrech reacting and the referee stopped the match due to the Czech’s poor condition.

We’ll find out later that Arsen’s jaw was broken. Another victory for Arsen who wore the Russian and Armenian flags as a cape to the applause of the public present.

Before, in the semifund battle, Sevillian Narciso Carmona returns (4V-0D, 3KO), who after successfully debuting in the United States fought boxing for the first time as a professional in his homeland. His return has raised many expectations.

The Camas had a good fight with Rafel Castillo, in the super lightweight category. `El Guerra ‘Carmona controls the course of the fight against a very likeable and brave opponent, but lacks depth and lacks hands.

In a few moments, the Sevillian seemed to have settled the lawsuit earlier against a sincere Castillo at the end of each stage. Ultimately, a good victory for Carmona by unanimous decision on a triple card from 40 to 36.

At super middleweight, four rounds already, Artem Garibian, (2V-0D, 1KO) won KO in the first round Romanian boxer Ionut Trandafir (17V-42D-3N).

Artem came out ready from the first second to work in the short and shortly after starting his rival had already received the first number after the right hand at parietal height. Trafandir stood up, hesitating, and after a few seconds, he again received two clear right hands.

The third, up and down, will take him to a knee bent in his corner. Alloza removed the account, ordering an end without the Romanian boxer reacting, putting up a surprised gesture.

Professional boxing began at the hands of one of Seville’s most beloved Seville boxers. Alejandro `Nano´ Guardado (2V-0D), who is in the lightweight category faced Venezuelan Anderson Rangel (6V-11D-1N, 4KO).

Nano puts out the will, the best of the series and the desire, while his rival lowers the level as the battle progresses. Rangel was taller but he didn’t move away and he didn’t believe too much.

They took a point from Sevillian and at that last moment he sought victory by knockout. Ultimately, a unanimous decision victory for Nano Guardado in a good fight.

To whet your appetite, and within the amateur field, we saw interesting battles, some of which were very intense. This is the case of the rivalry between Alejandro Rivas (Gutiérrez-Córdoba) and Fernando Pino (García Puerto Sta. María). Ultimately, the victory of the first in one against some protection accounts for Pino after some very difficult exchanges.

Less than 60 kilos, Ezzidaani (MGZ-jumping Charcos) defeated Sevillian Varela on points, who showed very good boxing technique.

At less than 75 kilos, and in the semifinals of the Andalusian championship, Cristian Carmona (VS Granada) defeated Justiniano Mamami by points

(Russian boxing Club) in a complicated fight that started with the climb for Carmona, but he reversed it thanks to his great preparation.

In the quarterfinals, as well as in the Andalusian Championship, Ali Domuya (Russian Boxing Club) defeated Saborido (Jerez) by split decisionwho received a protection account.

Good night of boxing featuring an exhibition by Manuel and José Peña with Eduardo Garibian, showing that physical limitations do not prevent them from enjoying their favorite sport.

Source: La Verdad


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