Pau Gasol, a high visit to Saint Andrews: "it’s something special"


He followed him throughout Castellón Sergio Garcia and it can be said that it brought good luck to Borriol on the second day of British Open nasa St Andrews Old Course, the second ‘major’ attended by the former Barça basketball pivot, the Spanish national team and several NBA teams after his first experience in the ‘majors’ when, also invited by Sergio, he was at Augusta National following the Masters. “A blast, Sergio, how nice, I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you so much,” Pau told the Borriol Pau after attending to the Spanish media.

The holder of two NBA Rings with the Lakers then explained in this special post how he feels about this new ‘stage’ of his life after retiring from active basketball a year ago. “It’s different but very emblematic, more emblematic than here there aren’t many places in the world. I’m excited about this new experience in this world that I discovered from golf”, explains the Catalan athlete, who undoubtedly brought luck to his friend Garcia.

“It’s a good round and it’s what golf is also, with days that things don’t work out but the next, yes and everything changes. It’s a good round to be there against the end of the week, which is always important. A good day without a doubt, with positive emotions, “he added.

Gasol, who has experienced all kinds of sporting events and has stepped into the most technical stage of basketball, stressed the Old Course: “it’s pure history, I’ve never been to Scotland and this country has something, you breathe something special.Choosing between Augusta and Saint Andrews? You have to play them but it is more authentic, looser, not as tight (I use the American term for ‘uptight’) as Augusta. “

Finally, about his level of golf, he commented: “improving, improving, everything based on work”. And he ate with his wife and Sergio and her in the family tent.

Source: La Verdad


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