Spain, fifth in history with three finalists at 1,500


Fifteen years later, Spain will once again have three athletes in the final of a World at 1,500among them is Granada Ignatius Fontesin search of the medal won only by the Spanish delegation at one time, in 1999 in Seville with Reyes Estévez.

It was the first time Spain had managed to put three runners in the 1,500 final along with Reyes Estévez (3rd), Fermín Cacho (4th) and Andrés Díaz (5th).

The Catalan athlete faced the best runners in the world and entered the finish line third surpassed only by Moroccan Hicham el Guerruj and Kenyan Noah Ngeny.

The second time was four years later, in Paris in 2003, with Reyes Estévez (6th), Roberto Parra (10th) and Juan Carlos Higuero (11th) on the list of finalists at the Stade de France. .

In 2005, at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium, the closest to medals was Arturo Casado (5th), followed by Juan Carlos Higuero (6th) and Reyes Estévez (11th).

The last time Spain got three representatives in a World Cup final of 1,500 was in 2007, at the Nagai stadium in Osaka (Japan). Arturo Casado (7th), Sergio Gallardo (12th) and Juan Carlos Higuero (13th) were the trident who fought for the medals.

Fifteen years and seven World Cups later, Spain once again has three athletes in the 1,500 final. They are Mohamed Katir from Murcia, Mario García Romo from Salamanca and Ignacio Fontes from Granada, three debutants in several outdoor world championships who have qualified for the final by venues, without having to wait for the playoffs.

Katir makes it to the second best mark in the semifinals (3: 34.45), surpassed only by Kenyan Abel Kipsang (3: 33.68). Mario García Romo in tenth (3: 37.01) and Ignacio Fontes in thirteenth (3: 37.21).

Source: La Verdad


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