Dos Santos and the prize for winning


The Brazilian who took the gold after another very fast final in which he triumphed with 46.29, a personal brand and third all time

The 400m hurdles were the sensation of Tokyo 2020. There, on an unforgettable morning, Karsten Warholm broke the clock with a time of 45.94 which took the event to another dimension. But every match is different and in the Eugene World Cup the Norwegian had a very complicated commitment. An injury disrupted his preparation to the point that he nearly missed the appointment. And although Warholm went to Oregon and made it to the finals, favoritism didn’t fall on him, but was split between a full-blown Alison dos Santos and a Ray Benjamin chasing his title. And it was the Brazilian who took the gold after another very quick final in which he won with 46.29, a personal best and third all-time behind only Warholm and Benjamin at the Games.

The American is on track to become the perpetual runner-up after being overtaken by Dos Santos, while Warholm confirmed this was not his final by sinking in the final to finish seventh.

The gold comes to reward the 22-year-old Brazilian’s spirit of improvement. He was born in Sao Joaquim da Barra and almost died when he was 10 months old. His grandmother dropped the pan of fish she was cooking on the baby’s head and the boiling oil burned part of his head, arms and breasts, requiring him to be seriously hospitalized for several months. The physical effects of the accident forged him a self-conscious and shy character: he was ashamed to go on the track and had to always cover himself with a cap because of the baldness of the burns. But nothing can stop Dos Santos’ talent and that has made him one of the greatest hurdlers in history.

Source: La Verdad


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