Alpine speaks more clearly about Alonso’s future


Things fall into place. Gradually, everything falls under its own weight. In Barcelonawhen the Alpine CEO Laurent Rossiattend MD, things seem very different from what they are today, with Laurent Rossi himself addressing the press this Saturday at Paul Ricard to make the situation of Alonso and Alpine’s young talent Oscar Piastri clearer .

When Laurent spoke with MD, the possible renewal of the Alonso together Alpine with doubts and very clear from the French team that it depends on the future of its young star: Oscar Piastri. “Alonso or Piastri for 2023? We have to assess it,” he told this newspaper. It looks more like a choice between those two options, or black or white, than a hybrid. Later, in the same interview, he said that one option was to move Piastri to another team and renew Alonso, acknowledging that the Asturian had been key to increasing Alpine’s street sales and growing the brand, not only but in the race group. with his ambition and unique talent.

At the time, it was not understood that he praised the Spaniard so much but left his future up in the air, hesitating between a young ‘rookie’ and Oviedo. And it was reiterated that talks will take place during the summer break. Now, more than a week before the summer holidays, the time to sit and chat with the man from Oviedo at the same table, things seem clearer. The preferred option for Alpine is to ditch Piastri and continue with its current F1 formation, with Alonso and an Ocon under contract until 2024. And now, Laurent Rossi is speaking more clearly than a few months ago, a possibly a symptom that the option of giving Piastri to Williams is too close to be given.

“We are talking to him”

“Good for Fernando, his contract will end this year, so obviously we are talking to him. We are creating different scenarios for him and for Óscar. The idea is that they are both drivers who should be on the grid, and we would love to have them behind the wheel of an F1 car next year.”pointed out Alpine’s CEO.

“We are open to loaning Oscar to another team, as long as he returns. We have invested a lot in him, we believe in him, so he is our reserve driver. He is a very promising talent, we would love that talent to give results in our team”, he clarified. They would be delighted to loan Piastri ‘so that he could gain experience in the Grove team for several years as Russell did in Mercedes before returning has more experience at Alpine. Fernando wants to renew for two years with the French team, so the scenario would be perfect for all parties. But one thing will be missing: As Alonso said recently, Alpine has to convince him to proceed with a project where the pilot sees clear progress and ambition.

“In the next few weeks or whenever, I will sit down with the team and see what their expectations are. Also, what is the next step in the project? I am happy, at home in Alpine. But there are no guarantees of anything .Alonso said days ago. Clear words for the French team. It will not renew to renew. He will renew if he thinks the project is worthy, although being realistic at all times, knowing the place Alpine now occupies on the grid.

“A loan like many other riders who start with a (lower) team to learn and adapt so they can come back to us later, it’s a good step,” added Rossi, noting that the loan is the best scenario, as they can also keep Alonso while their young star progresses behind the wheel of an F1. “I think if (the move) is the best option for us, then we will consider it, but if we have another more beneficial solution, then we will go for this one.”.

Source: La Verdad


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