the countdown will begin


the countdown will begin

In about eleven days, a new space mission for the realistic ship will begin, and the countdown has begun. This is a mission led by a more experienced pilot, and the goal is to reach the stars of the soccer firmament. In Cádiz, one of the most exciting campaigns in Real Sociedad’s recent history was born. For the third time in a row, the name of the city will walk on the European continent, and that is a clear sign of stability.

the nobility of Imanol is back on the starting grid with the credentials of a respectable candidate to achieve ambitious goals. From the sidelines they watch Real as a serious rival. There is the huge and then the group of outsiders, which includes the txuri urdin team.

The start of the domestic competition could not be more exciting, with visits to two ‘modest’, such as Cádiz and Elche, perfectly unknown, while at home there will be visits from two ocean liners, Barcelona and Atlético.

On August 26, the Europa League group stage draw will be held. Just after measuring themselves against the mattresses at Reale, Imanol’s men had to undergo their first international test of the season.

In the two previous seasons, Real got past that first stage, and were left stranded in the next, so the initial goal seemed clear: to get through the group stage and reach the round of 16, avoiding a playoff tie.

So, a warm start is unthinkable, because the competition itself does not give you rest, and demands maximum performance from the first whistle, if you do not want to lose any of the goals marked in red.

something uncertain

As expected, the first training sessions and camaraderie claim the first victims, and we have to trust that they will be the last. Silva, Carlos Fernández, Zubimendi, Isak, Ryan, along with those we do not expect in the short term, are wake-up calls for the coach, who, no doubt, thinks that the opening match in Cádiz -although not be The Oriotarra will ever meet him, who will prove that he is only thinking about the two friends left, and if they attack me, in the next training session. But we all know that the head of the royal coach is already around that first eleven that he will build against the cadistas, an eleven that still lacks pieces, either because the market – “a living creature “, as Olabe would say- is still open to any possibility, either because the losses we have identified cast shadows of doubt on the coach’s plans.

This group generates enthusiasm, which is undeniable, but it is not so true that no one knows how to start the voyage of the txuri urdin, but we know from past experiences that the initial txanpa is important, and an arraunlari seems to know that Imanol knew.

Five preseason games

Imanol has two tests left before it all kicks off (Eibar and Athletic), and there are still many unknowns. But the fact that the market does not close until the end of August, gives extra room for maneuver in case it is necessary to make a move depending on what happens in the first three games in the league.

Between Brittany and Baztan

It is too early to understand Imanol’s plans, and predict what the central duo will be. But some time ago, we thought we felt that Pacheco’s potential and development could be the perfect future of that demarcation, making Elizondo the perfect dance partner for ‘boss’ Le Normand.

Source: La Verdad


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