Excellent: Tuchel points out Conte and then the arbitration breaks down beautifully


Excellent: Tuchel points out Conte and then the arbitration breaks down beautifully

The red-hot derby between Chelsea Y Tottenham bring tail After an ending where Thomas Tuchel Y Anthony Conte Saw red for hooking a second time, and after some controversial refereeing decisions, the German coach didn’t hesitate to talk about it post game.

“I think when you shake hands, you look into each other’s eyes. Antonio (Conte) has a different idea”Tuchel declared about the action at the end of the game, which cost the expulsion of the two, which was “another bad decision” for the German.

As soon as he commented on this about Conte, he did not give more importance to what happened to the Italian. He didn’t even mention the first moment the two met, which was in Tottenham’s first goal, scored by Hojbjerg.

Tuchel then focused on the performance of Anthony Taylor, referee of the match, and his refereeing team, whom he charged until he felt comfortable. “Both Tottenham goals should not have gone on the scoreboard. Only one team deserves to win, us”, began the Chelsea manager, who went on to insist that “I don’t know how many tactical fouls Hojbjerg and Bentancur committed today”. “Since when can you pull your hair in a football game? They checked it and nothing happened. It was absolutely ridiculous,” he emphasized. Tuchel referring to Romero’s nasty action on Cucurella, whom he brought down after pulling the hair of the corner kick before Kane’s equaliser. An action appreciated and VAR ruled out sending the Argentine off in controversial fashion.

“I don’t understand. The whole locker room is the same. I’m disappointed that the players don’t get the rewards they deserve. It’s all because of unbelievable decisions. It would probably be better if Taylor never referred Chelsea again.”lived in great anger Tuchel.

Conte did not speak on the subject

Antonio Conte, who managed to light the fuse of Tuchel’s anger with Tottenham’s first goal, preferred not to make references to what happened after the game. “In my opinion it is better to talk about the game. I don’t want to comment on the situation, if there is a problem it is between him and me, nobody else,” said the Italian.

Source: La Verdad


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