This is how our car ages by leaving it in the sun


High temperatures and exposure to sun, sand and salt can cause serious damage to our vehicle.

High temperatures, long journeys, more passengers and excess weight due to luggage, in addition to maintenance that is not always adequate, can cause our car to suffer more than necessary in the summer. According to the director of the Mobility Department of TÜV Rheinland in Spain,
Rodrigo Radovan“Protecting our vehicle properly from the effects of sun and heat during the summer months is one of the actions that all people committed to car care should take, while at the same time improving the comfort of the users on every journey. ” These are some
tips to protect our vehicle:

Protect the inside: The use of front sun visors is more or less common, but it is not so common to also see vehicles with this protection on the rear window. This will help to significantly reduce the effects of the sun in the vehicle. Thanks to this simple gesture, we ensure that the handlebars do not reach such high temperatures, something we can also take care of by using handlebar protectors.

Wash the vehicle regularly: Washing the vehicle is a recommended action all year round, although this is more important in the summer months as it contributes to significantly lowering the temperature of the bodywork and other components, reducing the effects of prolonged sun exposure and possible negative effects on the mechanics are reduced. It is of course advisable to do it in the afternoon or at night, as the vehicle absorbs heat faster during the day and even damages the paint and bodywork.

Roll down the windows: Before starting, it is recommended to lower the windows for a few minutes so that the inside temperature is equal to the outside temperature. In addition, you achieve that when you connect the air conditioning, it has to deliver less cooling effort, which extends the lifespan.

Tinted windows: Vehicles with this type of glass will have an advantage in times of the greatest thermal impact . Thanks to their properties, they manage to reduce the effect of the sun’s rays and thus the temperature in the passenger compartment. Please note that if you want to darken the windows of your vehicle you must use approved sheets and they can only be placed on the rear side windows and the rear window.

Coverage for the complete vehicle: This can be a perfect option for people who want to leave their car parked for several days in a row, or for those who don’t want to worry about the sun’s movement even if it’s parked in the shade at some point. Thanks to this cover, the entire vehicle is protected from the sun’s rays. Even if we leave the sun visors under the canopy and the windows slightly lower, we will multiply their effectiveness. This measure is also one of the most effective when it comes to protecting vehicle paintwork that suffers from sun exposure where staining or loss of color can occur.

Source: La Verdad


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