Not using the engine or having it stopped can cost up to 400 euros


If such a two-wheeled vehicle stands still for a long time, it can “cause all kinds of problems for its parts and components, in addition to depreciation of the vehicle due to the simple passage of time”

Either through lack of time, desire or simply because you have developed a special fondness for your motorcycle, a reason that prevents you from selling your motorcycle; These are some of the reasons why many motorcyclists let their mount collect dust and take up space in the garage. And if a two-wheeled vehicle like this stands still for a long time, it can “cause all kinds of problems for its parts and components, in addition to devaluing the vehicle because of the simple passage of time,” he explains.
paul jailerCMO of Momoven, a motorcycle rental platform specialized in large displacement motorcycles, explaining the main components affected and their possible defects.

battery is one of the first elements are affected by the lack of use of the motorcycle. The first thing that is done when it is known that the motorcycle will stand still for a while is to disconnect the battery, but what not everyone knows is that the battery still suffers just as much; and they need to be recharged periodically to keep it in the best condition. If the battery is not properly maintained or care has been taken, it will most likely stop working, forcing you to buy a completely new one (about 40-60 euros). To keep the battery constantly charged, many people opt for a battery maintainer (about 50 euros).

It seems that the chain, pinion and crown should not be damaged if it is not moving. But the chain tends to rust and get stuck, even if the bike is stored under a roof. If the chain is not properly oiled, it will rust. In addition, the wheel must be turned from time to time so that it does not lock. If the chain has become sticky or rusty, it will need to be replaced, which would cost about 150 euros.

Tires, like everything else, have an expiration date. And it is that the passage of time without use affects them. Tires that have not been used for a long time tend to lose their properties. The rubber ‘crystallizes’, is no longer as flexible and thus increases the stiffness of the material. Although not visible to the naked eye, the tires lose traction. This increases the risk of accidents while driving, making them very dangerous. And if the motorcycle does not move for a long time, the tire is always in the same position, so it always supports all the weight at the same point, causing it to deform.

The ideal is to check that no cracks have formed for these reasons. If for one of these reasons the tires are damaged, replacing them can cost around 250 euros.

all the
motor fluids also lose properties over time, which can lead to malfunctions. For example, the brake fluid should be changed every two years, regardless of the use of the motorcycle. The replacement can cost about 60 euros if you are not a handyman. Likewise, it is necessary to have the antifreeze fluid of the cooling circuit. And not just the fluid, but problems in the circuit due to underuse (leaks due to drying out the hoses, problems in the water pump due to rust or clogging of the radiator due to decantation of the antifreeze particles in the circuit).

As for gasoline, if the bike collects dust in the garage while the tank is half empty,
tank itself rust. In addition, the petrol ‘continues’ over time and the tank will have to be emptied and cleaned several times with more petrol. If the lack of use in these cases causes a breakdown, the repair can be up to 400 euros.

Source: La Verdad


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