Why you should wait two minutes to turn off your car engine after a long drive


Turning off the engine after driving for several hours can damage one of the most expensive parts to repair

Drivers automatically turn off the engine when parking the car in order to get out of the vehicle as quickly as possible after a hard day at work, traffic jams on the road or long journeys with children who get dizzy more easily and need to get out as quickly as possible. Even if you want to get out and stretch your legs, this common gesture on these long hour drives can damage the car.

If a car’s engine shuts off suddenly after it has been running for a long time, the turbocharger may fail. A rather expensive solution if you go to the store with it. Therefore, it is important to be extremely careful if you do not want to have a large expense this month. The turbo is responsible for supercharging the engine and obtaining an increase in power without the need to increase size or displacement. How does it work? Compresses the intake air increasing its density. In this way it manages to bring more oxygen into the engine, which also increases the amount of fuel injected. In this way, the car achieves more power. It is an element present in almost all diesel engines.

Shutting the engine off while the turbocharger is running can cause it to wear out sooner and break more easily. Although if you turn it off the turbo turbine will continue to spin, it will not get lubrication because there is no oil. But it is not the only consequence, as the bearings and the motor can also be affected. One of the signs to know that there is a problem with the turbo is that you start to notice that it is losing power and that you hear whistles when accelerating. It gets even worse when blue smoke comes out of the exhaust pipe, because yes or yes, you will have to visit a workshop.

The solution to prevent damage to the car when parking is to let the car’s engine idle for one or two minutes. Taking this measure on your vehicle will lubricate the turbo and prevent damage to the bearings. The temperature will stabilize before shutting down for good. And you save yourself a visit to the mechanic.

Source: La Verdad


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