What to do if you get hit by a snow storm on the way


The Guardia Civil offers us some basic recommendations to deal with the situation and take action

If we have had the misfortune of getting ‘stuck’ on the road due to the heavy snow, it is not advisable to get out of the vehicle or switch off the engine. Should
keep it on and with the heating on. Although it’s easier said than done, try to stay calm. Sooner or later, the snow plows or the Guardia Civil come to the rescue, which is why they also help us know how to act.

Likewise, while waiting, we should occasionally look at the exhaust pipe to make sure that it does not become clogged with accumulated snow. From time to time, half an hour or so, we can open the doors or windows of the car for a few seconds to oxygenate the interior of the vehicle. We must avoid falling asleep and we must drink water and listen to the radio to follow any instructions. Before reaching this point, if we are forced to take the car, it would be useful to know the condition of the road we will be driving on before embarking on a journey. If the circumstances are very complicated, it is always better to postpone it.

If, despite everything, we decide to go on the road, it is advisable to stock up on some things such as warm clothing, water, some food and a flashlight (you should always have it with you). In addition, to carry a mobile and if we have it, the car charger or an auxiliary battery.

While it’s never good to have a completely empty tank, in the winter it’s helpful to have it as full as possible. If we were to lie down, that would be a source of heat (the heating of the car). Also, if we have a diesel car and leave it stationary for a few days in a very cold environment (this is for skiers), it would be useful to put about half a liter of petrol in the tank. Nothing will happen to it and since gasoline doesn’t freeze, we prevent the diesel from freezing and stranding us.

Crystal clear snow and ice free. If we are going to take the car and it is covered with snow, it is not recommended to use hot water as the temperature difference may break the glass. Your best bet is to use the typical scraper and if the windows fog up, oddly enough, your best bet is to turn on the air conditioning for a few seconds.

Source: La Verdad


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