The DGT also uses camouflaged motorcycles to monitor traffic


These types of campaigns are carried out to detect the “most reckless” behavior and avoid the accident rate of these vehicles.

With the arrival of good weather, motorcycle rides are on the rise, especially on weekends when they become a recreational activity in their own right. That is why the DGT is constantly launching a message of caution and respect for the rules, especially since this year so far
49 motorcyclists died on the road at the weekend.

For example, the agency conducts continuous surveillance campaigns to try to reduce the number of fatal accidents involving these types of vehicles during weekends.

Even, and as a novelty, the Guardia Civil of Pontevedra has…
the control of movements on motorcycles intensifiedwith the use of camouflaged motorcycles, to detect that “more reckless” behavior and avoid the accident rate of these vehicles.

These checks, which used camouflaged motorcycles with plain-clothes officers wearing official reflective vests, are located on the roads most frequented by this type of vehicle.

On the part of the Pontevedra Traffic Subsector, regardless of the campaigns that the DGT can foresee, it underlines that “it will continue to
these kind of devices, especially on weekends in which the weather permits or favors the movement of this type of vehicle«.

Source: La Verdad


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