Motorhome routes through Spain in search of the tastiest burgers


Exotic meat, gigantic burgers, with chocolate, vegan or with extra cheese: there is something for everyone. Pay attention and don’t miss any

Since 1965, the Whimpy’s Restaurant in Barcelona has served the first hamburger in Spain, although it essentially remains the same: a fillet of ground beef and bread, the flagship fast food dish has evolved a lot. While the origins of burgers are somewhat uncertain – America and Hamburg traditionally dispute it – it is clear that it was first created sometime between the late 1800s and the early 1900s.

Be that as it may, this Saturday, May 28, is International Hamburger Day, a common plant species on a field trip to the countryside. But cooking or barbecuing has its risks and its rules, so if we are fans of campervan routes or campervan vans, we may find ourselves with a set of rules that we must strictly follow. For example, in summer it is strictly forbidden to light a fire or light a barbecue in recreational areas of mountains or forest areas, throughout the country. At the moment, the risk of fire for our forests and mountains is maximal due to the increase in temperatures and the decrease in the relative humidity of the air.

As a safer and above all more comfortable alternative for lovers of motorhome routes, Yescapa offers us a culinary journey along the restaurants where you can enjoy the most original burgers in our country. Exotic meat, gigantic burgers, with chocolate, vegan or with extra cheese: there is something for everyone. Pay attention and don’t miss any of our recommendations:

Giant burger in Agacha a Testa (Vigo)

If you want to treat yourself, visit this traditional Galician-style bar where you can enjoy a pleasant and familiar atmosphere, surrounded by witches, covens and spells.

In it you can also enjoy delicious burgers in XL format. In addition to the maxi burgers, this establishment also prepares other great specialties, such as sandwiches, at a reasonable price. Made with local produce, Betty, the owner, says she buys the same for her establishment as she buys her home.

For cheese lovers, the best cheeseburger in the FBI Restaurant (Murcia)

Cheese lovers visiting Murcia are in luck. And it is that the 2nd edition of the Spanish Hamburger Championship, held this year, has recognized the FBI restaurant as the best place in Spain to enjoy a Cheeseburger.

Under the name “El Panzas” this 200 gr. of Chato Murciano streaky and topped with a thousand red cheddar cheese, it has tomato, leek coleslaw and is topped with ñora sauce and smoked paprika pearls to finish with toasted bacon.

Burger with kangaroo and zebra meat at Macarena Restaurant (Madrid)

In this small bar in the Vallecas district of Madrid it is possible to taste burgers made with the most exotic meats imaginable.

Kangaroo, zebra, camel or buffalo are some of the specialties they offer on their menu, in which they are paired with a wide variety of traditional Spanish homemade dishes. Served with a side order of French fries, all of their burgers are accompanied by lettuce, bacon, caramelized onion, tomato, and cheese.

For those looking for new flavors, a chocolate burger at La Teta y la Luna (Valladolid)

Chocolate is not a common ingredient in burgers, but at this restaurant in Villa de Prado, Valladolid, they chose it in their Gourmet burger.

The particular burger was made for a competition and has become so accepted that it has remained on the menu. A brioche bread with 200 gr. of Galician blond beef, Torta del Casar cream, white chocolate, arugula-mayonnaise cream, tomato and lettuce, are the ingredients of this perfect burger for those who want to be surprised by new flavors.

For non-carnivores, Quinoa Bar Vegetarià (Barcelona)

Considered by many to be one of the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in our country, this establishment, which opened its doors in 2013, is located in Barcelona.

In the varied menu, in addition to burgers, there are other equally delicious vegan options such as sandwiches, kebabs, wraps or focaccias, as well as desserts and juices. Made with quinoa, when you visit Barcelona you don’t know whether to order the Trufada Burger, the Special Jack Burger or La Griega.

You can park in authorized parking lots and as long as you follow the traffic rules, but don’t pull out awnings or chairs, pour liquids or make any noise, for example. Free camping is not allowed and in this case you have to go to a campsite.

The overnight places have equipment to power the vehicle and to empty the gray and black water (toilet). It must be used properly and the water must not be emptied anywhere as it is not a good habit nor is it ecological.

Also note that RVs weighing 3,500 pounds or less have a speed limit of 120 km/h on highways and expressways and 90 km/h on conventional roads. If that weight is exceeded, it is reduced to 90 and 80 km/h respectively; and 50 km/h on urban roads.

The B driving license is required as long as it does not weigh more than 3,500 kilos and has nine seats. Otherwise B96 or B+E is needed -depending on the weight-.

Adult passengers, children and even pets must occupy a seat approved for travel and with the appropriate seat belt, child seat, carrier or harness in the vehicle.

At a campsite you can connect the motorhome to electricity poles, prior contract, to have electricity and power. An extension cord is required, recommended 10-20 meters, and with a connection such as the “house”, or the CEE17 or industrial connector.

The drinking water tanks, gray water -water that comes from the shower and kitchen- and black water -from the toilet- have to be replaced and emptied. It is allowed only in the places used for it: in a campsite or in some service areas along the highway.

Source: La Verdad


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