New bright colors for the Opel Astra and Mokka


For example, the “Kult Yellow” of the new Astra combines Opel tradition with current trends.

With the new Opel Astra and Opel Mokka, the German carmaker has not only developed two exciting new models, but also created two surprising paint colors. To accompany an equally striking design language as that of the award-winning Mokka and the new Astra, Opel uses bold and eye-catching new colours:
green for the Mocha and yellow for the Astra

“The colors of the cars should not only please the customer, they should also adapt to the size and shape of the car,” he explains.
nicole heidt, Assistant Head of Color and Finishing Design. “A model in the compact segment like the Astra goes better with refined mica or metallic colours, which are in turn the most chosen among customers in that market segment,” he adds.

Right at the start of the development of the new Astra, Opel’s marketing team informed the design department that they wanted the sixth generation of their best-selling Astra to be available in yellow, a color that has a long tradition with the brand.

As usual when working on a brand new color, Nicole Heidt started the creation process by researching color trends using professional tools. In addition to his own experience, he started thinking about creating a new, darker shade of yellow for the new Astra. Later, Nicole took her ideas to the paint shop from the design department, where, as a new dish, she personally cooked the “recipe” for the new color.

In a 200 milliliter beaker containing a few grams of various automotive refinish paints from a major supplier, he mixed the ‘ingredients’ until the result matched his idea.

The designer then created a mood board, a collage of images and color samples to present the new color to design and marketing management. After approval, Nicole produced samples for the paint supplier at the factory in Rüsselsheim, whose final product had to match the design concept and color samples as closely as possible to go into series production.

And the process of developing a color for a new model can take up to four years and the new paint must be “spray-ready” by robots 12 months before production starts. “The yellow we chose as the launch color for the new Astra at the start of the process was perfect,” adds Nicole Heidt. “These kinds of colors are very fashionable these days.”

In the case of the Mokka, a small SUV aimed at a younger customer profile than the new Astra, Opel was looking for a new bold and sporty color. Research by Nicole Heidt showed that green tones would set the trend here. “In addition, green is the perfect color for a 100% zero-emission electric vehicle like the Mokka-e,” he concludes.

Source: La Verdad


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