Eternal Virgin – Episcopal Vicar thinks ‘honeymoon’ is exaggerated


The honeymoon of the “eternal virgin” aroused amazement in Upper Austria. Even such a large public spectacle is not common in the diocese of Linz.

Bernadette Lang sees herself as the “bride of Jesus”. On Monday, the 31-year-old vowed to live chastely, wickedly and obediently to God in Salzburg Cathedral. Then she was ordained to the “Eternal Virgin”. On Wednesday, she embarked on a “honeymoon” to Israel. The Kopfing-born theologian wants to celebrate a ‘honeymoon’ in the Holy Land – including a three-day retreat to a monastery.

More Discreet Ordinations
In Upper Austria there are five “eternal virgins” and one “eternal widow” (married) who, unlike Lang, who belongs to the Loretto community, completed their ordination in a small circle. “Normally, these women don’t shout about it, but they handle it very discreetly,” said Bishop Adi Trawöger (60), episcopal vicar of Linz, who is preparing candidates for ordination in Upper Austria.

Liberation from promises
The admission criteria are strict and the examination phase lasts two to three years. However, there are currently no candidates. But like priests, ‘eternal virgins’ can also be delivered from their promises. “Normally, such requests are also accepted,” says Trawöger, who is surprised about Bernadette Lang’s “honeymoon”: “I think such a thing is exaggerated.”

Source: Krone


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