Father rejects £200,000 job to spend time with children battling ‘billion for one’ diseases


Matt and Tracy got a double whammy on the show when their daughter was diagnosed with cancer once their newborn fell ill.

A father of two has turned his back on a career and 200.2 million people spend time with his daughters while battling life-threatening illnesses. Matt Shaw, 39, was a financial analyst and was offered a job in London for 000.2 million but he refused to spend “as much time as possible” with his two young children.

Five-year-old Sophia has already outpaced her chances of developing a brain tumor, and her second daughter, three-month-old Delilah, was born with hyperinsulinemia, a condition that means she has higher levels of natural insulin. However, Matt and his wife Tracy, 33, of County Durham, were shocked to learn that Sophia had spinal cancer and that Delilah needed to be fed every three hours, or she might be fatally weak.

He told The Mirror: “Previously, I was traveling on my career and during a pandemic I was offered a job in London that would pay around 000.2 million, but I couldn’t wait. One positive aspect of this whole process. You taught me how precious time with My family and to be brutally honest I don’t know how long I stayed with them.. I can’t appreciate the memories I made with my kids.

Hyperinsulinemia affects one in 30,000 children in the UK, and Matt says doctors have told him the chances of the two girls developing two diseases at the same time are “billions of a single disease”.

He added, “I asked the doctor about the possibility, you know the cancer will come back, but Sophia was diagnosed with another part of the body and then Delilah.”

“He nodded and said ‘that’s more than one in the billions,’ he said ‘I can’t figure out the number,’ one of those things that happens alone is very rare. It was very stressful and devastating, but I told myself I ended up sad ‘I should try to be positive towards girls’ I think we can beat it.”

A father of two has died, desperately wanting to spend every minute with his little girls

Sophia underwent successful surgery to remove a brain tumor the size of a golf ball when she was just three years old after complaining of a headache while camping in August 2020. The scan cleared everything in September 2021., but only four weeks later doctors said they saw something A spinal cord suspect was deemed untreatable and was “just a matter of time”.

However, since the family launched a GoFundMe website to raise money for a range of treatments, the couple say they’ve already had success with their comprehensive bio-resonance therapy. The family needs £125,000 to maintain their comprehensive bio-resonance treatment as well as flights to Spain or the Netherlands to undergo dendritic cell therapy.

Matt said, “We want to try to keep Sophia as normal as possible, so we’re not superfluous in terms of what’s going on and we have to be brave. Doctors say there’s nothing they can do for Sophia. This time, we’re denying that cancer will win this one.” battle.

“Living without my child in this world is simply not the answer. We will do our best to grow and raise our family.”

Source: Belfastlive


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