Yolanda Díaz and Alberto Garzón demand that the big chains limit basic prices until January


The Vice-President and Minister of Labor of the Government of Spain and the Minister of Consumption of the Spanish Government made this proposal, which would be in effect until after Christmas, to protect families from the effects of inflation.

The Vice President and Minister of Labor of the Government of Spain, Yolanda Díazand the Minister of Consumption of the Spanish Government, Alberto Garzónhave raised major distributors That has margin” to limit the prices of the shopping cart until after Christmas Y protecting families from the effects of inflation.

This was explained on Thursday at the press conference after the meeting they had with the directors of Carrefour, which already announced on Wednesday that its customers can get a basket of 30 products at a fixed price of 30 euros. In the meeting, they analyzed that proposal and the approach Díaz launched this week, met with skepticism by the chain.

“The approach we have taken is that the major distributors have to come to an agreement to be able to contribute among themselves through their margins, which they are able to do, to enable an affordable and quality purchase for families,” explains he out.

Today’s meeting is a preview of the meeting scheduled for next Monday with distribution employers and consumer groups, given the “need to address the key issue, which is inflation and the impact on the lives of families and, in particular, in the shopping cart,” Diaz emphasized.

For the Spanish Vice-President, it is a problem that “competes with the whole government”, although in principle it is not intended that members of the team of the Ministries of Industry, Trade and Tourism, nor of Agriculture, will attend Monday’s meeting. will attend. Fisheries and Food, whose head, Luis Planas, has criticized the proposal.

“It is an effort that we ask from the big distributors”, who have “margins”, the Minister of Labor of the government of Spain has indicated, so that it does not fall under any circumstances on the manufacturing sector or on small businesses.

Asked about the next step of limiting food prices as is done in other sectors in case the distribution chains reject his approach, Díaz stated that “the big companies are aware of the huge problem and that they will certainly contribute an exceptional time for the country”.

Buy “affordable and quality”

Díaz y Garzón’s approach is to ensure an “affordable and quality” purchase for families, with a time horizon starting this month, with the return to school and extending beyond Christmas, which changes every week and includes a variety of products.

For example, Díaz has referred to a basket of fresh produce, including meat, fish, eggs, fruits and vegetables, and a second basket, thinking of celiacs.

Garzón, for his part, has shared that the fundamental goal is to protect the purchasing power of families, “threatened” by inflation, with a proposal “aimed at large distribution companies, who must make an extra effort”.

In his opinion, Carrefour’s express proposal is an example that “it is possible to do it”, and he has put forward that he has asked the Food Safety Agency for a guide to orient the contents of this basic basket that distributors would can make.

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Source: EITB


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