Duo slipped – Guardian Angel no longer fell into the crevasse


A guardian angel threw a shovel of snow at the feet of two alpinists on the Dachstein – and maybe even saved their lives. The Czech duo slipped on the glacier and slid into a large gorge.

The two Czechs (38, 45) were out on the Dachstein, left the groomed glacier trail at the Seethalerhütte and climbed the shoulder ascent to the Hoher Dachstein, rated difficulty C and managed to reach it without any problems. In the descent, the duo decided to take the Randkluftsteig, which has difficulty level B and is therefore easier.

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At about 2 pm, the mountaineers reached the barren and severely steep Hallstatt Glacier. Already at the beginning of the glacier, after overcoming the Randkluft, the two men, who were not tied up, slipped independently of each other at a height of about 2860 meters. They couldn’t hold it any longer and slid into a crevice. The crash in mind, then the unexpected rescue: the two came to a stop just before a large chasm.

Witnesses saw the crash
Germans behind it had seen the accident and lost sight of the Czechs. They were sure they had fallen into the crevice and made an emergency call. The mountain rescue service Ramsau am Dachstein, the emergency doctor helicopter “Christophorus 14” and the police helicopter “Libelle Salzburg” were deployed to rescue the victims. Fortunately, they were unharmed and were picked up by the helicopter and flown into the valley. The German group was returned to the prepared glacier trail by mountain rescue.

Source: Krone


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