U.S. Justice May Continue Investigating Secret Documents Trump Brought When Leaving the White House


The magistrates decide that the material has clear evidence that it has been classified by the administration

The Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit of the United States ruled yesterday afternoon – early today in Spain – that the Justice Department may continue to analyze the classified documents seized at the Mar-a-Lago tourist center in Donald Trump So this court overturns a trial judge’s order that blocked the work of federal investigators, marking a defeat for the former president’s legal team.

Therefore, Judge Raymond Dearie, the independent expert appointed to study the classified documents, will be able to continue his work to determine whether it is Trump administration or private material.

“It is clear that the public has an interest in ensuring that classified documents do not cause exceptionally serious damage to national security,” said the team of three judges of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. to them and when, and decide which sources or methods (if any) will be compromised,” they state in their statement.

During the trial, Trump’s attorneys had argued that the documents had been released by Trump himself, as he had the authority to do so as the vpresident. However, the magistrates are of the opinion that “the file contains no evidence of this”. “The classification marks of the documents indicate that they are government documents and that responsible officials have previously determined that their unauthorized disclosure would cause exceptionally serious damage to national security,” prosecutors said.

The Justice Department had requested the intervention of the 11th Circuit in the dispute over the Mar-a-Lago documents after Trump filed a lawsuit to appoint an independent expert to analyze the approximately 11,000 documents the FBI filed in obtained the research. in Florida.

Source: La Verdad


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