Attack thwarted? – Four terror suspects arrested in Iceland


A possible terrorist attack in Iceland has been foiled. As police said Thursday, special forces arrested four men in the vicinity of the capital Reykjavik on Wednesday. They found dozens of guns and lots of ammunition.

The danger had been averted, police representative Karl Steinar Valsson said. As reported by Icelandic broadcaster RÚV, it was the first counter-terrorist operation of its kind ever on the island in the North Atlantic.

Planned attack on police and parliament?
Those arrested are Icelanders between the ages of 30 and 40. They are suspected of planning a terrorist attack against the public and state institutions – presumably the parliament and the police.

The Icelandic police do not rule out the possibility that the men have links with radical organizations abroad. That is why you do not only want to exchange information with Europol, but also with police forces in other countries.

Weapons made with 3D printers
The quartet also allegedly used 3D printers to make weapons for sale. According to the RÚV, two of them are in prison, the other two have been released.

Source: Krone


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