Partial mobilization – More and more people flee from Russia


After Kremlin boss Vladimir Putin announced partial mobilization for the war against Ukraine, more and more people from Russia are currently fleeing abroad. These are mainly Finland, but also the neighboring ex-Soviet republics of Kazakhstan, Armenia and Georgia.

“A lot is happening this morning, maybe a little more than yesterday,” a spokesman for the Finnish border guard said on Friday. The longest queue formed at the busy Vaalimaa border crossing. As reported, the cars were stuck there for a length of about 500 meters. However, the EU country wants to deny most Russians entry, Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin announced. The EU countries Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, which also border Russia, have been turning Russian citizens away from the borders for days.

No visa required for Kazakhstan and Co
People from Russia have better chances if they want to travel to Kazakhstan, Armenia or Georgia. They do not need a visa there and the Russian language is widespread. The Kazakh border guards reported Friday that four of the 30 border crossings were particularly busy. The situation is under “special control”.

According to an eyewitness, they were stuck in traffic at the border since Thursday morning (from Friday afternoon). Many of the men here are of military age and Russian border guards carry out thorough and lengthy checks.

Concerns among the locals
According to the Kazakh Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the population of the former Soviet republics is already concerned about the large number of Russians arriving. “The stability of our state in the conditions of unrest surrounding it will be seriously tested,” it said. In Armenia, rental costs and property prices have risen due to housing demand, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said.

In the end, however, the Kazakh Ministry of Foreign Affairs was confident. The country’s infrastructure and service sector are capable of meeting the challenges of migration. “We believe that our citizens show wisdom and remain true to traditions of hospitality.”

Source: Krone


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