3000-year-old canoe recovered from American lake


Marine archaeologists have discovered and salvaged an approximately 3,000-year-old dugout canoe in Lake Mendota, Wisconsin. Using the radiocarbon method (C14 dating, note), the researchers found that the boat was made by indigenous people around 1000 BC. A 1,200-year-old dugout was not found near its current location until May.

“Finding another historically significant canoe in Lake Mendota is truly incredible and opens up invaluable research and educational opportunities to explore the technological, cultural and stylistic changes that have taken place in the design of the dugout over 3,000 years,” explains archaeologist James Skibo of the Wisconsin Historical Society. .

Representatives of the Ho-Chunk Indian Tribe and the Bad River Tribe were present when the dugout was recovered. “The recovery of this canoe built by our ancestors provides further physical evidence that natives have lived in Teejop for thousands of years. That this is our ancestral land and that we had a developed transportation and trading society,” said Ho Chunk president Marlon. WhiteEagle.

Canoe was made of white oak
“Everyone who has cut down this caašgegu (white oak, ed.) and turned it into a dugout has put a piece of themselves into it. By preserving this canoe, we honor those who have gone before us,” said WhiteEagle.

Lake Mendota is located in the state of Wisconsin and borders the capital Madison to the north. The relatively small and shallow lake is fed by the Yahara River, which flows north and southeast.

Source: Krone


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