Nightmare in Mallorca – there was no finca: Tyrolean senior team scammed


The senior team of a Tyrolean tennis club fell victim to a brutal scam in a holiday home in Mallorca. The nasty scam only flew to the Balearic Island. 1600 euros is probably gone.

It should have been an unforgettable outing after a great season. But the promotion party of a Tyrolean tennis team ended in a nightmare and with great difficulty.

The entire rental price has been transferred in advance
“We were promoted to the next higher class for the first time and wanted to celebrate the success well,” says the team captain of the Unterland of the “Krone”. The amateur athletes naturally chose the party island of Mallorca for their trip. “One of our team soon discovered a fantastic finca with its own pool, beach access and sea view on the internet,” the “felt ball hunters” recall.

The holiday apartment not too far from Manacor, the birthplace of tennis superstar Rafael Nadal, was also available for relatively little money at 400 euros a night. “Somehow we were a bit surprised that we could get such a bargain at such short notice.” The senior team nevertheless struck and transferred the full rental price in advance.

Photos of holiday homes probably from real estate agent “stibitt”
“All the details were finally explained to us by email. We would pick up the key in the center of Palma at a given address.” But when the four wanderlusty Tyroleans and their two legionnaires from Germany suddenly found themselves in front of a dilapidated tobacconist’s shop, they realized they had been ripped off by crooks. And the fake portal, on which the crooks probably just showed ‘borrowed’ photos from a reputable real estate agency, went offline overnight.

Fortunately, one of the tennis friends had acquaintances in Mallorca who could quickly find another accommodation. “But we all lost our party mood pretty quickly and we will probably never see the 1,600 euros for the four nights again.”

Source: Krone


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