Cruel animal cruelty – cat “János” shot: “Who does such a thing?”


A serious case of animal cruelty shocks the residents of Markt Neuhodis in Burgenland. A cat had to be killed after a brutal attack. The perpetrator or perpetrators are still unknown and the locals are stunned by the brutality.

Bad case of animal cruelty in the municipality of Markt Neuhodis: A tomcat was shot by strangers – probably with a small-bore rifle. The projectile shattered the bone in the left hind leg and the badly injured animal was unable to move its leg.

hangover withdrawn
The pet’s owner, who lovingly cared for the former stray cat and named him “János”, is shocked. For months the animal had come to her to eat and sleep, but then it suddenly withdrew – apparently because of the gunshot wound.

“It must have happened at the end of August, the wound has already healed completely,” she says. Now the velvet paw appeared badly wounded. When the woman saw “János” dragging his hind leg, she caught him and took him to the vet, where the projectile was discovered on X-rays. The cat then had to be euthanized.

dismay instead
The pet owner can only guess who shot the fur nose. But she assumes it happened in Markt Neuhodis. “I’m still stunned. Who’s doing this? It’s just awful,” she says.

Source: Krone


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