Protests against compulsory wearing of the veil extend beyond Iran’s borders


Anger over the death of young Kurdish woman Mahsa Amini has reached Paris, London, Madrid, Istanbul and Kabul

The protests Iran has been experiencing for two weeks have spread outside the country, where the concentrations are taking place outside the embassies of the Islamic Republic. The anger at the death of the young Kurdish woman Mahsa Amini at the hands of the Moral Police knows no bounds and solidarity with the Iranian women protesting the mandatory use of the veil has reached Paris, London, Madrid, Istanbul and Kabul.

In the Afghan capital, a group of 25 women challenged the Taliban security forces and gathered at the gates of the Iranian legation chanting “woman, life and freedom”, the main slogan of the mobilizations in the Islamic republic. After a few minutes, the Islamists dispersed the demonstrators by firing into the air, as they do every time there is a women’s demonstration in Kabul.

As the days go by, pressure is mounting from authorities on the streets and on public figures who have positioned themselves in favor of the riot, to whom he warned that “we will take action against the celebrities who have blown up the embers of the riot” . in the words of Mohsen Mansouri, provincial governor of Tehran.

This threat had an immediate effect and the football player Sardar Azmoun, striker for Bayern Leverkusen and the national team, apologized to his teammates for his position on social networks in favor of the uprising. Football is of concern to the authorities and for this reason they have decided that Iran’s first division matches will be played behind closed doors until the situation calms down.

In the art world, singer Shervin Hajipour, whose theme about the protests went viral on Instagram, decided to remove the number from his profile.

Source: La Verdad


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