US on terror tactics – missile hail to Ukraine was long planned


US on terror tactics – missile hail to Ukraine was long planned

In response to the partial destruction of the Russian bridge to the Crimean peninsula, the Kremlin responded by bombing many places in Ukraine. However, instead of military installations, almost exclusively civilians were affected. The United States sees no coincidence behind it – in fact, the attack was apparently long planned.

Thus, the United States shares Ukraine’s view that Russia had already planned heavy air strikes on Ukrainian cities before the explosion on the Crimean Bridge. Attacks of this magnitude could not be carried out in a few days, John Kirby, the White House spokesman for the National Security Council, told CNN.

“It was more as planned for quite some time. That’s not to say the Crimean Bridge explosion accelerated their planning,” Kirby said.

Death toll continued to rise
Russia fired more than 80 rockets at Kiev and other cities in Ukraine on Monday. According to Ukrainian sources, the number of civilian casualties in the rocket fire has risen to at least 14. Another 97 people were injured, Ukrainian emergency services said.

Military Expert: “Devastating Strategy Shift”
“It is becoming more and more devastating week after week and month after month. There is currently no end in sight,” said Colonel Markus Reisner, the Ukraine expert and commander of the Guards who assesses the latest developments. The Russians have been fighting since 24 fired more than 4,200 ballistic missiles and cruise missiles at Ukraine in February.

The partial destruction of the bridge means “that the conflict will continue to escalate and thus inevitably be extended”. The target of the Russian attacks is no longer primarily the Ukrainian army, but the population itself. “A devastating strategy change.”

The end of the war is still a long way off
That the war will last even longer is also apparent from the mobilization of Russian reservists, which is considerably larger than the Kremlin has officially claimed, Reisner says. It is not 300,000 but several hundred thousand that are being recruited. And it is mainly recruited in the remote regions of Russia, where practically all men of military age are called up to be drafted to see “who is even suitable”.

Russia could potentially have 30 million reservists. Should these soldiers come to the front, they would first have to be ‘fought over’ by the Ukrainian armed forces.

“At some point there will be no more able-bodied Ukrainians”
Reisner sees this as a big problem for Ukrainians in the long run, as they number 35 million people in total, not counting the women and children who have fled abroad. The Ukrainian army is already in the fourth wave of mobilization, “which means that everyone over 45 will also be called up.”

Even if the West sends more and more weapons into the country, “at some point there will be no more able-bodied Ukrainians.” And that’s exactly what Russia is speculating on. And that is why Ukraine is now looking for a decision.

Source: Krone


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