Interview with Eduardo Junkera, President of ADEGI, on Radio Euskadi, October 11


The president of the Association of Companies of Gipuzkoa ADEGI assures that “the spirit of the recession is there” with which “generosity and solidarity must appear” from all agents surrounding the companies.

Euskaraz irakurri: Junkera: “Denok estutu behar dugu gerrikoa: enpresek, langileek, akziodunek eta ogasunek”

“Stunned.” It is the word by which he defines Edward JunkeraPresident of the Gipuzkoa Business Association ADEGIA, the state of Gipuzkoan companies. He stresses that business today is “good”, but that “a possible recession” is in sight, and that “if the war in Ukraine” does not end “it is very likely that many companies” will not move forward. “The key to getting out of this situation is in the hands of a character called Putin,” he said.

interviewed in Radio Euskadic, the president of ADEGI has emphasized that “in this inflationary context all of us – companies, employees and administration – will come out poorer”, so “we all need to tighten our belts”. In that sense, he argues in favor of making agreements about wages via the ‘social pact’ in order to ‘not damage what is vitally important: the company’. “It is the companies that generate wealth, those that can maintain our level of well-being and those that will support employment. In this context, by putting companies at the center, we need to talk about the groups that surround them… obviously need generosity and solidarity appear in these situations, and whoever has more must contribute more,” he said.

Junkera, however, has been highly critical of the wealth tax “because it punishes those who have saved”. According to him, “it is not an effective tax on social cohesion.” “Something that seems very unfair to me, because it punishes someone who has previously paid taxes on all his income. Just, now he has to pay for everything he has saved.”

Asked about the tax reform that several governments want to implement, the leader of Gipuzkoan asks businessmen to prioritize the “stability” of companies. Likewise, he misses at least two debates on this issue: “what are we going to do to get more money in the state and how are we going to be more efficient with spending. I don’t see those debates.”

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Source: EITB


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