The best digital notebooks for transferring our notes to mobile


The best digital notebooks for transferring our notes to mobile

Many of us still like it Take notes or collect our thoughts Classic format: paper. Nonetheless, it is certainly inconvenient to collect all of our sketches in cupboards and shelves, except that it makes it very difficult to move them at any time to consult our notes.

There are several devices that combine the best analog and digital: Smart notebooks. Some of you may be asking: Digital notebooks? What is this? As its name suggests, these are the notebooks that help them digitize.

Smart laptops are usually made up Reduced number of pages where we can write, Painting, etc. And these written pages can be transferred to the mobile – by scanning them or through the app. Once we save our notes, we can wipe the page with a damp cloth.

There are these types of devices It is becoming increasingly popular among students and teachers, Because they are a substantial improvement over analog laptops. The first is that we will not need to have more than one notebook: we will no longer have to carry a notebook for each subject or topic.

The second and more obvious is that we can transfer all our records to our mobile phone without “cleaning” or “manually” copying. It is an almost automatic process. Third, but no less important, is that it saves a lot of paper.

Consumption of course We recommend several models of digital notebooks Which will help you in your daily life.

Homestec notebook

The first on this list can be a good option if you are looking for a digital notebook without spending a lot of money. This Homestec model has 40 completely reusable pages that can be removed with a damp cloth.

Through our own app we can scan the sheet of paper we wrote from our mobile and it is saved in PDF format, which makes it really easy to use.

Rocket notebook

Very similar to the previous notebook: Rocketbook’s is a digital notebook with 36 reusables that can still be wiped off with a damp cloth. According to the manufacturer, this device can also be turned on during flight or train travel as it does not emit any kind of wave.

In addition, through the Rocketbook app, we can not only save our notes, but also share them with anyone we want, which is very useful in meetings.

Wacom bamboo slate

Wacom is one of the best brands of visual technologies we know and Bamboo Slate is one of the best digital notebooks on the market. Technically this is not a digital laptop, but a Smartphone, Yet they really work the same way.

According to Wacom, we can write and save up to 100 pages at a time. In addition, they remain in the cloud and we can change them from mobile without any problems. Files can be exported not only in PDF but also in PNG, WILL or JPEG, which makes it quite versatile.

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