Many more people than assumed had Covid


Using an analysis of 1,000 antibody studies since the start of the pandemic, researchers have now found that the global infection rate has been significantly underestimated and the number of unreported cases is greater than previously believed. Their numbers were between 50 and 100 times higher than officially known.

In the autumn of 2021, six out of ten people had antibodies against the coronavirus in their blood, either through a vaccination or through an infection. If one calculates the road vaccinated, then that was 36 percent. In June 2020, so after the first corona wave, only eight percent had antibodies.

96 percent of Europeans with antibodies
In the spring of 2022, about half of Europeans (exactly 48 percent) had antibodies as a result of an infection, a total of 96 percent.

The data varies greatly depending on the region of the world: while in the US or parts of Europe, people had about twice as many antibodies as the incidence rates reported at the time would have suggested, in parts of Africa the rate was more than a hundred times higher than the reported positive cases (spring 2022).

Source: Krone


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