The Basque government faces the approval of the budget project with opposition from all parties


Today is the deadline for tabling amendments to the bills and all opposition parties have asked the Basque executive to return the budgets. However, the clearance of the accounts is guaranteed and will take place on December 23.

The term ends today, Monday. final so that the parties of the opposition Gift amendments to the whole to the project of the Budgets of the Basque Autonomous Community for 2023, which will be qualified by the Table on December 2.

The plenary session will take place on 9 December. discussion of the amendments to all EH Bildu, Elkarrekin Podemos-IU and PP+Cs, although they will be rejected by the Basque government, which has guaranteed approval of the project, as PNV and PSE-EE have a majority in the Chamber of Vitoria-Gasteiz.

The parliamentary process will continue with the debate in committee of the partial amendments December 14 and December 23, the Basque Parliament will approve budgets for next year, which amount to 14 250.7 million euros, 1,142 million more than this year.

The negotiation process started on 9 November and has seen three unsuccessful rounds of dialogue. Despite “interest in trading” of the Basque government, all opposition groups in the Basque parliament have tabled amendments to the entire budget project of the autonomous government.

EH Bildu Y Elkarrekin Podemos-IU They were the first to close budget negotiations with Economy and Finance Minister Pedro Azpiazu, with whom they had a third and unsuccessful meeting last Tuesday to try to bring positions closer.

The other two opposition groups, PP+Cs and Vox (which was excluded from the talks by the Basque government), on Friday registered their amendments to the whole to ask for the return of the bills.

Despite its parliamentary majority, the Basque government has transferred its “interest in dialogue” to the parties to reach an agreement. On November 9, the consultant began a round of meetings with all parties except Vox, though he warned at the time that there would be no “structural changes” to the project.

He also warned that negotiations should be limited to the powers of the Basque government, which left out taxes, an issue adopted by the provincial councils and raised by all factions during the talks.

Azpiazu has assured that he “feels” that no opposition group has really had any intention of reaching agreements in support of the budgets drawn up by the Basque government.

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Source: EITB


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