Tyrolean host threatened – knife noisily struck again – by four per thousand!


On Wednesday he caused a sensation at a Christmas market, the next day it was the turn of a restaurant: the 38-year-old suspect, whose steak knives were apparently loose, struck again in Kufstein in Tyrol! This time he would have threatened the landlord of a restaurant. The alleged perpetrator is in custody, where he has now been able to sleep off his intoxication.

And that must have taken a while. Because the 38-year-old resident would have had more than four (!) Permille intus when he caused a commotion in the Kufstein restaurant around 2.45 p.m. during the holiday. According to the police, he would have threatened the host with a steak knife. Why is unclear.

Witnesses pinned the man to the ground
Two guests eventually managed to overpower the alleged perpetrator, take the knife from him and pin him to the ground until police arrived, police said. During the subsequent search of the house, the officers were able to obtain another knife – a “butter knife”. The 38-year-old was arrested and is still in custody.

Tension also on the Christmas market
The suspect had already caused a stir in Kufstein on Wednesday evening – at a Christmas market. According to the police, he would have threatened several visitors there – also with a steak knife. The Austrian was given a provisional ban on weapons. What he thought of it became clear the next day…

Source: Krone


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