Dead snowboarder – “A fatal mistake of the snowthrower driver”


After the tragic winter sports accident with a dead snowboarder (29) on Wednesday afternoon in the Mayrhofen ski area in the Tyrolean Zillertal and an internal consultation, the Mayrhofner Bergbahnen has commented on the accident. The fateful journey was therefore a wrong decision by the experienced driver (61). He shouldn’t have been driving on the open runway.

Instead of joy at the start of the season, a sad internal meeting: at the Mayrhofner Bergbahnen, the fatal collision of a snowboarder (29) with a snowplow was processed on Thursday evening. The conclusion of the meeting is consistent with the police investigation: it was a drive during opening hours that should never have taken place.

Short distance over the open slope
“It involved the transfer of a mobile snow cannon. This first happened on a clearly cordoned off part of the runway and then a short distance was driven over an open runway,” said a spokesman. This was a personal decision by the driver (61). This means that rules have been broken, which also be learned through continuous training.

“Experienced and careful”
In the case of the mountain railways, it is emphasized that the driver is a “long-standing, experienced and extremely careful” driver. We deeply regret his apparent misjudgment. As so often in such cases, the person concerned also suffers: “He is being taken care of,” it said. We are also in contact with the next of kin and support them. An expert report is now pending and a negligent homicide trial is likely to follow.

Source: Krone


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