Two new strike days at Amazon’s logistics center in Trapagaran on the eve of Olentzero


The LAB union has called on staff to strike on December 22 and 23 to demand negotiations for their own agreement. ELA has also adhered to the strike and the mobilizations called for.

The LAB union has convened two new days strike at Amazon’s logistics center in Valle de Trápaga for the December 22 and 23, in the question of negotiating a private agreement. ELA has also joined the strike in defense of decent working conditions.

It is not the first day of strike. LAB even stressed in a statement that the October 17 strike and the November 28 strike were “a resounding success of participation.”

LABORATORY He has denounced that an agreement is applied to the staff that “does not fit at all with the characteristics of their work”. Currently, the sectoral collective labor agreement for road freight transport in Bizkaia is applied to staff. In addition, the logistics center of Valle de Trápaga has more than 300 deliverers from various subcontractors to whom the National Collective Labor Agreement for Messages applies. The striking workers are demanding their own agreement, which includes various demands: salary revision, rearrangement of work shifts and days, adjustment of occupational categories, etc.

The factory has indicated that “job insecurity is rampant in Amazon Trapagaran.” “The average turnover in jobs is very high” and that the victims, who are “numerous and long-term”, are taken care of “through” employment agencies.

He has also made sure that “managing personnel through applications increases stress levels and consequently occupational accidents and pushes them to their limits”.

For its part, ELA has joined the collective of Amazon workers in their fight for a deal and is encouraging Amazon workers in the Trápaga Valley to join the strike. to continue in this exemplary struggle.

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Source: EITB


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