More closing days – due to inflation: Clubs close on Thursdays


The Viennese have less and less money left to go. The night gastronomy is now responding with more closing days.

Anyone who wants to get in the mood for the weekend with a club visit on Thursday is out of luck. According to night gastro spokesman Stefan Ratzenberger, some larger nightclubs have been forced to reduce their offerings.

Lack of staff and cloudy party atmosphere
There are two reasons for this: Firstly, there is a lack of staff and secondly, it is due to the party atmosphere of the Viennese. “The young people like to go, but they go less often, they don’t have the money for it,” says Ratzenberger. Praterdome boss Holger Pfister also observed the occupancy over a longer period of time on Thursday. “Praterdome and A-Danceclub are now only open on weekends,” says Pfister. For him, the lack of staff was crucial. “But you also notice that people leave less often, which is inevitably a result of rising prices,” says the operator.

And the statement of Stefan Sturzer, the operator of the “Werk”, goes along the same lines. “The partygoers still come to our events, but they consume considerably less and also have less in their wallets,” explains Sturzer. And he himself feels the consequences of the price increases. Next year he must add at least 10 percent to both entrance and drink.

Will the dance floors remain empty next year, even on weekends?
In general, the club scene is trembling for next year, my Ratzenberger. Experience has shown that January and February have always been weak. But in 2023, the dance floors may also be empty on weekends.

Because then inflation will really hit the party crowd. A small consolation remains: during the Christmas holidays and on New Year’s Eve, a real party is celebrated again.

Source: Krone


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