Scrabble introduces gendering with the “*IN” tile


Scrabble introduces gendering with the “*IN” tile

In the future it will be possible to play gender when playing Scrabble: the manufacturer now introduces a stone with a gender asterisk. At the same time, the game instructions are formulated in a gender-fair way. This is intended to stimulate a “discourse on the current language change”.

Language is constantly changing and it is therefore high time for the classic among letter games to develop further, manufacturer Mattel said in a statement. Gender – be it an underscore, colon or asterisk – makes it possible for women and non-binary people to be visible in the language.

“With the Gender Stone in Scrabble, we have the opportunity to initiate gender-appropriate language. It is a visible sign that the rules of the game in society have changed,” said Anne Polsak, Head of Corporate Communications at Mattel Germany.

Updated Game Guide
The limited ten-point stone can be ordered for free on the company’s website ( So that there is no confusion, there are also new, different game instructions. “IN” should “only be used as a gendered ending for personal nouns,” according to the manufacturer.

Source: Krone


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