Downing Street Partnership investigation could result in ’20 people being fined’, reports claim –


Alleged incidents have been reported in 10 other places in Downing Street

He said Monday evening that the joint investigation could “see that 20 people have been fined” in the near future. Police are investigating alleged closures in Downing Street and the Cabinet Office will issue its first fine soon.

The Guardian said it was aware that the fixed fines notices (NFPs) would be issued “immediately”, although a British government source told the Palestinian Authority news agency that it would not be Monday night. The military is investigating 12 incidents, including as many as six in the presence of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the Palestinian Authority reports.

Last week, it was revealed that investigators investigating alleged parties in Downing Street and the Cabinet Office have begun questioning key witnesses. The Met said more than 100 questionnaires were sent to people who attended the reported encounters at the time.

There were no official updates from Downing Street or the Cabinet Office on Monday evening (March 28). ITV’s Anushka Astana said she had been told the first wave of fines could include “about 20 names”. “We are not commenting and will continue to do so until March 21, which remains on our website,” a Metropolitan Police spokesperson said.

The statement added that the agency’s investigators have begun questioning people as witnesses as part of their investigations, adding: “To date, we have not been contacted by the ACRO Criminal Justice Office to issue a specific notice.” On Monday evening, the Palestinian Authority Meteorological Authority asked, as first reported by The Guardian, if it had any indication of such strength, and responded by not exceeding the current statement “for the time being”.

Source: Belfastlive


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