Suspect in custody – beating drama for disco: family man (42) dead


The 42-year-old Burgenlander, who suffered life-threatening injuries during a weekend in Schattendorf (district of Mattersburg in Burgenland), has died. The regional court of Eisenstadt has imposed a pre-trial detention on the 18-year-old suspect who was arrested on Monday. An investigation was conducted into the course of the fight.

The victim is a father of two children from the community. He was out with his friends on Saturday and the group’s excursion ended at the restaurant on Sunday night. The scuffle broke out in front of the restaurant, although the exact course of events is still unclear, according to the public prosecutor. Information is also expected from the ordered autopsy.

The 18-year-old suspect was arrested Monday. At the first interrogation, the Syrian citizen, who lives in the Lower Austrian district of Neunkirchen, essentially did not confess. He is now imprisoned in Eisenstadt. A spokeswoman for the public prosecutor said he was under investigation for intentionally inflicting serious bodily harm resulting in death.

The scuffle in front of the bar also claimed a second victim. Another man was seriously injured, but was able to leave Eisenstadt hospital.

Source: Krone


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