Case Teichtmeister – cultural scene requires separation of perpetrators and works


In the case of the actor Florian Teichtmeister, who had to answer to court in February for possessing files containing sexual images of minors and minors, the cultural scene demanded differentiation in an open letter. Child abuse in any form is condemned, and nothing should be glossed over or relativized here. However, works in which perpetrators participated should not necessarily be condemned.

“It is a balancing act to protect the victims, not to spare the perpetrators, and yet not hold the work of many bystanders collectively accountable,” the letter, published Tuesday, said. “We strongly oppose the slanderous accusation that everyone knew everything,” the proponents insist, jumping especially to the “Corsage” of Marie Kreutzer, this year’s Oscar nominee of Austria. In this respect, one declares solidarity with the filmmakers in their effort to separate the film from the punishable and deeply reprehensible actions of an actor.

Franzobel, Jelinek and Schalko among the signatories
In addition to the Association of Film Directors, the signatories to the solidarity speech are the directors Ruth Beckermann, Veronika Franz, their male colleagues Adrian Goiginger and Arman T. Riahi, the writers Franzobel, Arno Geiger and their colleagues Elfriede Jelinek and Eva Menasse, and theater man Paulus Manker, composer HK Gruber or TV mastermind David Schalko.

Teichtmeister is on trial for possession of 58,000 child abuse images as of February 8. He has confessed that he could face up to two years in prison if convicted. He is not an isolated case: Up to five percent of men consume child pornography, psychiatrist Sigrun Roßmanith said in the APA interview on Monday. Two to five percent of men have paedosexual fantasies.

Source: Krone


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