Alarming healthcare figures: A third more departures from hospitals


Alarming healthcare figures: A third more departures from hospitals

The frustration on the job is not only great for the doctors in the hospital. Also with the nursing staff. The number of redundancies at WIGEV is increasing.

The dissatisfaction of the doctors in Viennese hospitals is great, two out of three doctors want to quit – we reported. A response from the ÖVP to the office of City Councilor for Health Peter Hacker (SPÖ) now reveals a similar problem with nursing staff.

60 percent of staff loss is due to layoffs
All in all, departures (termination of employees, resignation, termination or retirement) have been increasing fairly steadily since 2017. On an annual basis, there was a third more departures in 2021 than in 2017. This fact is often attributed to the wave of retirements. But the numbers show: 60 percent of these losses are based on terminations by the employees themselves.

Precarious situation in the Hietzing and Favoriten clinics
“This is again clear evidence that job satisfaction is more than just suffering and that the conditions are downright bad,” said health spokeswoman Ingrid Korosec (ÖVP). Also alarming is the occupation of nursing staff in the Favoriten and Hietzing clinics. According to the query response, this is below the critical value of 90 percent. According to Korosec, a huge backlog of patients in the emergency room waiting room is also documented at the Ottakring Kliniek.

From the Hacker office it says: “Neither WIGEV nor the city council have denied that there has been an increased outflow in care due to the stress during the pandemic. In general, however, there is no trend.”

Source: Krone


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