According to the media report: – Now German main battle tanks for Ukraine


According to a media report, a decision has now been made on the tank issue: the German government is apparently making Leopard main battle tanks available to Ukraine. Meanwhile, reports are coming from the United States that US President Joe Biden is now considering the delivery of M1 Abrams tanks.

According to “Mirror” information, there is at least one company of Leopard 2A6 tanks. In addition, the government in Berlin “wants to approve the export of such tanks owned by other states, such as Poland,” the report continues.

The decision will be officially presented on Wednesday. Chancellor Olaf Scholz will also be questioned by members of the Bundestag at 1 p.m.

American battle tanks suddenly make sense, don’t they?
The fact that the German traffic light coalition finally got through to this delivery of weapons also means that Washington has started to move. In fact, the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday that an announcement about pledging “an increased number” of M1 Abrams to counter Russia’s war of aggression could come as early as this week. Biden promised Scholz in a phone call last week that he would have such a delivery checked, the paper reported, citing unnamed sources.

However, the US had previously stressed that supplying the Abrams tanks was impractical for practical reasons. The US tanks would have had to be shipped across the Atlantic Ocean, maintenance was more complex and they consumed too much fuel, the Defense Department said. “It just doesn’t make sense to give the Ukrainians this tool now,” Pentagon spokeswoman Sabrina Singh said a few days ago.

Kiev has been asking for battle tanks for months
Ukraine has been asking for months for supplies of main battle tanks to fight the Russian attackers. The front line in eastern Ukraine is currently barely moving. With the main battle tanks, Ukraine hopes to go on the offensive again and recapture more territory. At the same time, there are fears of an offensive by Russia before the spring.

Source: Krone


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