Wrong doctor at work – nose victim: ‘There is justice after all’


Since a “beauty parlor” messed up her nose, one victim has been in physical and mental pain. Now that criminals have arrested the boss on suspicion of quackery, Snezana T. (49) breathes a sigh of relief.

With a completely different cosmetic correction, white-collar criminals put an end to – as reported – the supposedly publicly dangerous activities of a “beauty institute” at a noble address in the center of Vienna: because the detectives found a number of electronic devices of those responsible for a financial audit there . The police diagnosis: suspicion of serious commercial fraud, infidelity and social security fraud. Damage amount: 800,000 euros

Drama in nasal treatment
What reads somewhat cumbersome, is based on a wee story with which the “Krone” started the case eight months ago together with lawyer Alfred Boran. Nurse Snezana T. (49) almost destroyed her nose as a result of a correction at the “beauty institute”.

The sister of the head of the institute is said to have pretended to be a doctor and – the presumption of innocence applies – injected a dose of hyaluronic acid far too deep into her nose. The woman’s pain was downplayed: “Healing takes time!”

Because the procedure was not cunning, Boran is already claiming compensation for pain and suffering and disfigurement in the amount of 43,000 euros. Another eight victims have reported the incident.

Others affected can contact the following hotline, also anonymously: 01/31310-33800

Source: Krone


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