The number of missions is increasing – the Innsbruck mountain rescuers are reaching their limits


With 150 missions last year, the Innsbruck mountain rescue service is one of the most requested local authorities in Tyrol. Above all, the mountain bikers keep chairman Bruno Berloffa and his team sharp.

The Innsbruck mountain rescuers had to deal with about 40 missions in 2008 when the former professional football player and outstanding mountaineer Berloffa took over the management of the local office. “Ten years ago there were about 100, now we have to move between 140 and 160 times a year,” Berloffa told the “Krone”.

The increase paralleled the rapidly growing number of mountain bikers and e-bikers. Since the mountain rescuers of Innsbruck have to take care of 18 surrounding municipalities in addition to the provincial capital, they are reaching the limits of what is possible. “Thanks to the great work of the highly motivated team, the missions can be managed,” emphasizes Berloffa.

The number of ambulance services exploded
Of course: Ambulance services at outdoor events must also be managed. “They grow like mushrooms out of the ground,” says the mountain rescue chief. Last year alone there were 20. A maximum of 30 mountain rescuers are needed for a competition. “We receive an expense allowance for the purchase of equipment, but it is not commensurate with the effort.” Sometimes the organizers also tried to push through that fee.

One assignment in the 15 years was particularly memorable for Berloffa – because it shows how tough mountain rescue work can be: “In 2017, during a thunderstorm and continuous rain, we carried a seriously injured hiker 800 meters down a gully of the Solstein.”

Re-elected local manager
Berloffa will lead the local office for another three years. He can also count on his deputy Michael Kirchmayer and treasurer Florian Bichteler.

Source: Krone


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