Gas bill – single mother would have to pay 895 euros per month


The mother of a disabled boy (10) is desperate because she has no money to live on after moving house due to the high energy costs. The reason: Energie AG sent you a prescription that would shock even higher earners.

How does that work? How am I supposed to pay for that?” Tina B. (31) from Enns is at her wit’s end. Everything in the life of the young mother of a disabled boy (10) should get better from December. “I found an affordable apartment for 460 euros near my mother. She can then help me take care of my son,” says the woman in an interview with “Krone”. In addition, after a long search, she had finally found a part-time job that allowed her to spend a lot of time with her son Jonas. He has a car- immune disease and a chromosomal abnormality that has delayed physical and mental development.

Almost 900 euros for 68 square meters
Then came the shock at the beginning of January: the woman from Enns received the first prescription from Energie AG for her 68 square meter apartment. “I now have to pay 895 euros per month. Together with rent and electricity, that is 1,500 euros per month. I can’t afford that from my salary. And the therapy for my son also costs money,” says the 31-year-old in total frustration. She receives another 222 euros in rent allowance and she has already applied for a heating subsidy. All this is still not enough.

Postpone to March
A phone call to Energie AG’s customer service was also unsuccessful. “I was told I would have to wait until March. Then the annual statement will come and maybe I will get my money back. That doesn’t help me now because I just don’t have the money,” she says. The “Krone” asked Energie AG how it is possible that a single mother has such a high demand that even higher incomes can hardly afford it.

New contract in the middle of the heating season
“The problem is that Mrs. B. came to us as a new customer in the middle of the heating period. The partial amount is based on current consumption, which is very high,” said a spokeswoman for the energy company. Whether such an automatic system would be reasonable for the customer in times of extremely high energy costs was unanswered or unanswered. But: You go with Mrs. B. sitting around the table to come up with a solution, and you also lowered the prices for new customers.

Source: Krone


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