“Incomprehensible” – Farmers against price reduction Berglandmilch


For the farmers, the latest statement from dairy company Berglandmilch is incomprehensible: “As the market leader, announcing a 6 percent price reduction for butter in the media and at the same time lowering the milk price for all production companies by more than 3.5 percent, is beyond our understanding. “, says chairman of the IG-Milch Ewald Grünzweil.

“While consumers feel almost nothing in their wallets when butter prices fall, such unnecessary actions destroy much-needed added value on dairy farms,” added Grünzweil.

The savings are less than a penny
According to IG-Milch, customers save less than a penny: According to AMA-Marketing GmbH, the statistical average consumption of butter per person in Austria is 5.3 kg. At the current price, this corresponds to costs of one euro per week or 15 cents per day. The saving with a 6 percent price reduction is then 6 cents per week or less than one cent per day.

The loss of income would be around 5,650 euros
Farmers currently receive 56.4 cents per liter of raw milk, Grünzweil said in an interview with the APA. As of February 1, the price will be reduced by 2 cents net. The loss of income for an average full-time farm with 250,000 kg/year is around 5,650 euros per year.

Grünzweil “The competition is off”
There were several price increases in the previous year, but they were urgently needed, according to the farmers. Because the enormous price increases for energy would mainly affect energy-intensive milk production. The fact that the butter price in particular has to be used time and time again for emotional price debates is incomprehensible in view of the proportionality and makes an objective discussion difficult, according to Grünzweil. “Competition is out, we are at the mercy of the dairies for better or for worse,” IG-Milch’s chairman told the APA.

Grünzweil criticized the behavior of the Agricultural Chamber and the Boerenbond, which made no constructive contribution to these incomprehensible actions by Berglandmilch and the irrelevant media discussion about the price of butter, as particularly disappointing for IG-Milch.

Source: Krone


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