Deliveries for Kiev – Bolton: “Weapons list is not a strategy”


John Bolton, former national security adviser to ex-President Donald Trump, has expressed concern over arms shipments to Ukraine. Because there is no clear plan to support Ukraine. “A list of weapons is not a strategy,” Bolton said in an interview with Pulse 24 (see video above).

The debates on the supply of weapon systems – after tanks, Ukraine is also talking about fighter jets – are therefore not opportune: “First you have to develop a strategy, and then you have to decide what resources you need to achieve the strategic goals”, Bolton noted on.

Blame for Germany
The influential politician directly criticized Germany’s role in arms deliveries. Chancellor Olaf Scholz hesitated for weeks when asked if Leopard 2 tanks would be delivered – finally deciding to deliver the modern main battle tanks.

However, according to Bolton, the approval only came after the US also promised to supply main battle tanks. He criticizes this approach of NATO partner Germany: “It is very difficult to lead an alliance when you have to negotiate like this: I don’t want to do it, you have to do it first.”

Putin wants to split NATO
This attitude would play into the hands of Putin, Bolton believes: “Putin thinks he knows the Germans.” For Trump’s ex-advisor, Putin’s goal is clear: he wants to “isolate” Germany and France from the other NATO countries.

The former US ambassador to the UN describes Putin’s threats to use nuclear weapons as a “bluff”. The danger of nuclear bombs should be taken seriously, but “If you believe the bluff, Putin will win without using any nuclear weapons,” Bolton said.

Trump’s Plan “Simple”
Bolton finds Donald Trump’s claim that he can end the war in Ukraine “within 24 hours” “stupid”: “So Donald Trump is once again trying to inflate his own role in world affairs. It is totally unrealistic that he or anyone else – including Mother Teresa if she were alive – could end this war.”

Source: Krone


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