Small stature family – “Some treat us as if we were show objects”


About 10,000 people of short stature live in Austria. Even as adults, they do not grow larger than 150 centimeters. The “Krone” visited four of them at home.

When Martin Bauer from Kleinmürbisch was born 52 years ago, he was a “real sensation” for his parents. After all, he was the first in his family to be born with achondroplasia, the most common form of disproportionately short stature. Characteristic of this chromosomal abnormality are severely shortened limbs, prominent crooked legs, a saddle nose and a bulging forehead, as well as short, crooked fingers. But instead of hiding behind his giant younger brother because of his small stature, Martin Bauer preferred to go his own way as a boy.

Source: Krone


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