Daylight saving time applies – The hands are moved back on Sunday


On Sunday, March 26, it’s that time again: the hands in Europe will be turned forward from 02:00 to 03:00 and thus to summer time. Otherwise always good for discussions, the excitement is rather limited this year – humanity is currently dealing with much more important topics, such as the war in Ukraine or the corona pandemic. So it is still completely unclear how the time change in the EU will continue.

In March 2019, the European Parliament voted with a large majority to abolish summer time in 2021. Despite this, the European Commission and the EU Member States have not yet taken a decision.

The abolition process was triggered by an EU-wide online survey. In this, 84 percent of the participants had expressed themselves in favor of an end to the time change. Most voted for permanent daylight saving time in 2018.

The EU Commission then proposed to abolish the transition between summer and winter time from 2019. Instead, the federal states should be able to decide for themselves whether they want permanent summer or winter time. However, concerns about this plan came from many countries, partly because a uniform time zone seems desirable for the economy, at least in Central Europe.

Source: Krone


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