Mood heated – drag queen lecture: large police force in Vienna


Demo Sunday in Vienna: There has been a state of emergency in Vienna-Mariahilf since the early hours of the morning. Reason: reading to a transvestite in front of children. Security measures are high, the police are deployed en masse. Seven demos have been announced – and not all of them for the event.

The villa had been extensively cordoned off with barricades since 07:00. The police were in action with a large contingent. In addition to countless police buses, the number of officers was enormous.

As the “Krone” could observe on the spot, many more supporters than opponents of the event had gathered near the turquoise-pink-purple villa on Linke Wienzeile – the reading started in this building around 10 am. Martin Sellner was also spotted among the event’s opponents.

Video: Demo Sunday for the Turquoise Pink Purple Villa

The mood on the ground was heated, but there were no incidents for the time being. The turquoise-pink-purple villa posted apologies “for any inconvenience” to residents as a result of the demonstrations and referred to the protest action of “right-wing extremists” in front of the villa, which was met with a counter-demonstration behind the villa. “The protests and speeches of the extremists can become loud and chaotic. We are sorry that you are putting the neighborhood in this situation.”

Source: Krone


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